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From time to time we have products and animals for sale.  See below for our current offerings.

Herd Reduction Sale!

We are downsizing our herd and have several Sable/Saanen dairy goats available in a range of ages from kids to two year olds in-milk. Herd starter packages from unrelated lines available. Discounts for multiple purchases. All goats are dehorned and handled every day so they are all very friendly and will make great pets. Please note: Breeding bucklings and herd starter packages will only be available until 7/10/22, after that date all bucklings not purchased will be castrated and available as wethers.  Non-refundable deposit of $50 to hold up to two weeks or until pick up date which ever applies.

7 females
5 males

*Starter Packages:
Add buck from Ruse to Wispa yearling or Sassy for extra $200

From Wispa:
$250 1 yearling doe by Bernard (sundgau)-qualifies for starter package* – pick up now
$150 1 yearling buck wether (sundgau) – pick up now

From Freya :
$250 (150 wethered) 1 intact buckling due to be castrated 6/6/22 (frosted sundgau) – pick up now

$600 Kindi – Milker package with her doeling and buckling – pick up now
1 doeling by Crash of Hope (frosted sundgau)
1 buckling (or as wether) by Crash of Hope  (frosted sundgau)

$500 Sassy – Milker package with her doeling-qualifies for starter package* – pick up now
1 doeling by Crash of Hope (broken sundgau)

From Sassy:
$300 2 mini sable yearling does (sundgau) miniature size sables! sold as a pair – pick up now

From Ruse of Hope
$250ea (150ea wethered after 7/10/22) 2 bucks by Klisse’s Crash of Hope – pick up after 7/10/22

Unrelated to yearling does and Sassy.  These bucks have very big milk on all sides and would make a great addition to any herd.



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