About Us

Thank you for your interest in Northland Hobby Farm.

We are a small 5 acre farm in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We are a small hobby scale farm . Currently we produce our own dairy, eggs, poultry, garden produce, and honey. We love to cook and make many products from our farm.

About our Honey

Our honey is unique. Our location is mainly wooded and our honey contains honeydew or tree honey (what is honeydew?) which is prized around the world but very rarely found in the US. Honeydew honey is higher in minerals and amino acids. There has been some research that indicates that honeydew honey also has higher than average antibiotic properties. Read More about Honeydew Honey

About Our Goats

Our goats live and play in natural hardwood forest and meadows. They are fed high quality hay and nutritionally balanced complete feed to keep them in top shape and their milk sweet and mild. Free choice minerals are always available. We are CAE free. A vaccination program is used that includes annual CDT, and CL. We fecal test and deworm only when necessary to prevent parasite resistance. Our animals are given Copper boluses and Bo-se injections yearly. Kids are given an injection of Bovi Sera and probiotics orally at birth to start them out well. We do keep kids on the dam for the first few weeks. Our full time jobs do not allow us the option to strictly bottle feed at this time. We blood test to ensure the dams are CAE free before kidding.  More about our goats…